EuroShop 2014

During EuroShop 2014 Sensor Development International shows new and future solutions for the Retail market. Of course the existing high quality products and solutions are also presented at our booth.

Below you see some of the presented solutions.

Smart People Counter

Easy readout using a Smartphone

This Smart People Counter concept, for the first time shown at the EuroShop 2014 trade fair, is an example of the R&D activities at SDI.

An early preview of the App is already available.

Key features of the Smart People Counter are:

  • Easy Installation
  • Simply Share Values
  • Daily Count Values
  • SDI Featured Technoligies

USB People Counter

Easy readout using USB Stick

  • Easy Installation, Easy Readout
  • Upload to .e.g. Headoffice
  • Accurate high resolution data
  • SDI Featured Technologies

Offline People Counting delivering accurate and high resolution data

Like other People Counters from SDI the USB People Counter is featured with SDI technologies e.g.:

  • 4 year battery life on standard AA Alkaline batteries
  • Counting up to 10 meter wide openings
  • ENI: Enhanced Noise Immunity

micro People Counter

The World’s smallest People Counter

  • Easy Installation
  • Display or Online data
  • Accurate high resolution data
  • SDI Featured Technologies

Battery powered People Counter in a small flat mounting package.

Thanks to the ultra low power SDI design the People Counter works up to 1 year on a single coin battery. The RF version sends its data wirelessly to the Sensor Network Gateway wich is connected to e.g. the Headoffice.

Sensor Platform

Retail Management Solutions

The SDI Sensor Platform is designed for the future with an expanding range of products based on wireless sensor technology.

Using sensors, SDI is able to link the physical retail environment to managable data. The Sensor Platform makes the difference in Retail Management.

Product Interest Monitoring

Store Monitoring Solution

  • Optimize store layout
  • Customer privacy maintained
  • Create In-Store analytics like eCommerce
  • Easy implementation in existing situations

Which products are hot, which are not

Monitoring product usage using proximity sensing and existing security displays is the key to enhance your marketing strategies. By analyzing the sensed data you are able to determine which products your potential customers may want to buy.

Assisted Selling

Real-Time Store Monitoring

  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Fight Showrooming
  • Salesperson notified in Real-Time
  • Increase Store Performance

Potential customers which visits your store may leave unsatisfied.

Using this SDI solution a salesperson will be notified when the potentional customer is showing intereset for a specific product. Now, with this technology, the salesperson has the opportunity to assist the customer during this point of decision.

And there is more…