Sensor Development International December 2013

Dear Customer,

We welcome you to the first edition of the SDI Newsletter. The purpose of our newsletter is to keep you informed and involved with our company and products. Since we want the newsletter to be as relevant and useful as possible to your project management needs, we look forward to hearing your comments on this first edition. Please feel free to e-mail us with your thoughts and ideas as to what you would like to see in our Newsletters.

In this first edition, we would like to announce the release of our new SNG Tool.

We hope that this and all future Newsletters are helpful to you in some way.

Best Regards,
Sensor Development International B.V.
The Netherlands

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EuroShop 2014
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Easy Installation Made Easier
SNG Tool v2.0

SDI is proud to announce the release of the new SNG Configuration Tool, which is now available for download.
Thanks to feedback from our customers, we were able to improve the Sensor Network Gateway Configuration making the installation even easier than it was before. The improved SNG Tool makes installing the sensor platform easier as ever before. One of the interesting new features is the Sensor Monitoring function. With this feature, sensor data can be displayed in real time on your screen from the SNG Tool.

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