Sensor Development International February 2014

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Thank you for taking the time to read our second newsletter. This issue brings you information about new products like the People Counter with USB stick readout and the micro People Counter.

In little over a week the EuroShop 2014 opens its doors and we welcome you to visit us at our booth!
Sensor Development International will show you new solutions featuring the latest technologies like a display People Counter which can be read out using a Smartphone.
You can meet us in Hall 6, Booth B20 and we will inform you personally about our Sensor Based Solutions which go beyond Retail environments.

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USB People Counter
USB People Counter
Easy readout using USB Stick

The USB People Counter is a cost effective offline solution, delivering accurate and high resolution data as with the online wireless system using an SNG.

Data is collected very easy just by connecting the USB Stick to the counter with the supplied adapter cable. Many USB People Counters can be read out using a single USB Stick. Just like with the wireless system, the detailed data becomes visible in graphs and tables when the data is transferred to a central SensorServer. The USB Counters and the Wireless Counters with SNG can transfer their data to the same Central SensorServer including all its functionalities and possibilities like integration with existing IT infrastructures.

Like other People Counters from SDI the USB People Counter is featured with SDI technologies e.g.:

  • 4 year battery life on standard AA Alkaline batteries
  • Counting up to 10 meter wide openings
  • ENI: Enhanced Noise Immunity

Limited units are available for evaluation and pilot purposes.
Quantities of this USB People Counter will become available during March.

For more information please contact us.

micro People Counter
micro People Counter
The smallest People Counter of its kind

The micro People Counter is a small, reliable and user friendly, battery powered People Counter. It is available with a display or wireless communication. Thanks to the ultra low power SDI design, this People Counter works up to 1 year on a single coin battery! The micro People Counter transmits and receives the Infrared Beam from the side. This side fire counter can be mounted flat on a door frame or wall.

When a person walks through the beam the value on the display increases by one. The wireless version sends the data wirelessly through the SNG to the SensorServer.

For more information please feel free to contact us.

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