Sensor Development International June 2014
SDI Newsletter June 2014

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News is on the way! There is a lot happening at SDI. New sensor solutions for the future are continuously being developed. The network of SDI is spreading out to more and more countries all over the world.

In the previous newsletter we introduced our new People Counter with USB stick readout. This new People Counter generates the same data and comes with the same versatile SensorServer software as our wireless platform. This makes it a good and cost effective alternative for the display People Counter. The USB People Counters can also be delivered with a display for additional manual readout.

The combination of People Counters and other SDI sensors makes the SDI platform very versatile. As a result we see more and more uses of the People Counters in other situations than in Retail environments, just imagine....

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Build-In People Counter for EAS Systems

Build-In People Counter

Solution for integration into EAS Systems

SDI introduces a ready to Build-In People Counter which is highly suitable for EAS Systems.
The People Counter contains the same features and technologies as our robust Bi-Directional People Counter.

Additional, this counter can wirelessly suppress EAS alarm for incoming customers with an EAS tag.

This People Counter will be supplied as electronics boards only, which can be build into an EAS system.

Please contact us for more information and the possibilities.

Proximity Sensor

Proximity Sensor

Product Interest Monitoring

To know how long and how often persons are standing in front of an object like a product display it can be sensed contactless with our Proximity Sensor wirelessly connected to our platform.

The Proximity Sensor communicates the sensed data like count value and ‘activity’ time wireless to the SNG. This data becomes immediately available in the SensorServer to which the SNG is connected.

Information collected by Proximity Sensors can be used to optimize the store layout by creating In-Store analytics.

For more information please feel free to contact us.

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