The  IMMOTION Software is the centralized software environment to which the Sensor Network Gateways connect. Sensor data, forwarded by 1, 10 or even more than 1000 Sensor Network Gateways, are stored into the database.

Using the webbased EasyReports and CentralManagement environment, statistics can be analyzed and system management can be performed.


The easiest way of using our solutions is by connecting your devices to our Cloud solution.
You will have the same features as the IMMOTION Software except you don’t have the software maintenance.
Hosted in a redundant and high available data center.

Business integration

Thanks to a wide variety of data access, like CSV exports, the Sensor Network can become part of your existing IT infrastructure.

Valuable information from the sensors can be used for:

  • Workforce management
  • Store performance
  • Marketing strategies
  • etc…
The possibilities are endless.

Please contact us or your local distributor for more information