People Counting Systems can incorporate various technologies, such as cameras, radar, and infrared. SD International has developed a user-friendly and maintenance free software based solution that produces valuable information in an easy to read format. Our People Counting solutions can be combined with many other Sensors to enable you to generate the required data. The organized data from our Systems can be used to make strategic operational and marketing decisions. The benefits of our Systems, along with their cost-effectiveness, provide an ROI in a very short period of time.

Our People Counting systems allow you to make customer count versus sales comparisons, determine optimal operating hours and personnel levels, evaluate marketing campaigns, adjust or improve your marketing activities, and make comparisons between affiliates or employees (Benchmarking). If necessary, our software can be easily integrated with your current software. Some one from our Software Development Department is always available to provide assistance.

Please contact us at the Service Center in The Netherlands; Telephone +31 524 551454 Together, we will be prepared for the future!