Micro People Counter

The micro People Counter sensor is with its dimensions of only 85x53x16mm the smalles People Counter. It also stands out in simple installation, extreme low power and standard wide opening capability of up to 5m or 16 ft.
It has a battery life of up to 1 year on a single coin battery. The People Counter sensor has a side fire beam which means it will be installed flat on the wall or door frame. Display can be read out easily and reset to zero is done easily. This People Counter is very useful for generating daily count values. Counts can be readout manually and noted daily.

  • Easy installation
  • Side fire, very small, discrete
  • Extreme Low Power
  • Battery lifetime up to one year
  • Clear display, easy to reset
  • Very usefull to generate daily counts
  • The count values are read daily and can be accessed directly

In particular very suitable to be placed at entrances. Shoulder / chest-height is the ideal height to count people. Fixing on the ‘shoplifting gates’ is a good option.

Very small versatile battery powered People Counter. Cost effective.