People Counter with Display 

The People Counter with Display is a battery powered counter that displays the count value on its screen. 

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Product sheet (Eng) 

Display Counter 

The PRx20D1 is a Battery powered Bi-Directional People Counter. 




Micro People Counter 

The PRx11D1 is a small (83x51x14 mm) side firing People Counter that shows its counted data on its screen.

Best of Both worlds 

We also have a Display/Wireless counter that not only displays its data but it also registers it to the cloud via a SNG

Waterproof Counters 

Available in an IP54 rated housing.

Protecting the sensor against dust and water. 

Robust Housings 

A Strong, shock resistant housing that protects the sensor. 

Custom Mounting 

All kinds of custom mounting brackets and accessories. e.g. Free Standing Poles for easy placement or angle brackets. 

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