I Map Motion 

Product Highlights

Wireless Devices 


Accurate Bi-Directional counting 

Easy Software 


Wireless People Counters 

The Wireless People Counters are: easy to install, battery powered, Bi-Directional and Accurate. And our Wireless Counters even register the count data to the IMMOTION-software cloud platform. 

Sensor Network Gateways (SNGs) 

The SNG Connects your Wireless sensors to the cloud. The SNGs are easy to install and easy to use. 



Display and USB People Counters 

The Display and USB People Counters are easy setup, easy use Counters.

The Moodbox 

The Moodbox is an easy to install customer service rating device. Which can also be used in other situations where you need fast/easy voting. 

The RangeExtender 

The Range Extender is a simple way to increase the maximum distance or connection strength between a Wireless People Counter and a SNG.

The Proximity Sensor 

The Proximity Sensor is an easy to use Wireless sensor. That is used to detect People and Objects in front of the sensor.

Top view People Counter 

The Top view People Counter is mounted in the ceiling and uses a thermal camera to accurately Count People walking through a wider opening. (e.g. a corridor) 

Robust Housing 

A waterproof and shock resistant housing for our People Counters.

Counter Pole 

A free standing pole that enables you to place our counters on a variety of different places where there is no wall or where you need a counter to be easily movable.

Rako People Counters 

Wireless People Counters that can be mounted into an EAS system. (EAS:Electronic article surveillance) 

Street Counters

Counters that measure the pedestrian flow in front of your shop. 

Net powered People Counter 

Really robust Wireless People Counter that can be mounted on door frames or walls. And that is powered using net voltage. 

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