NB-Iot People Counters 

NB-Iot People Counters are Battery powered Bi-Directional Wireless People Counters that register their data to the cloud using the new NB-Iot technology.

NB-Iot Counter 

The NB-Iot sensor Counts how many People walked by and registers that data directly to the cloud using the NB-Iot technology.



Using this technology there is no more need for a SNG. That means that you can place sensors everywhere without having to worry about if they are in range or not. 

Best of both worlds 

We also have a Display/NB-Iot counter that not only displays its data but it also registers it to the cloud using the NB-Iot technology.

Waterproof Counters  

Available in an IP54 rated housing. Protecting the sensor against dust and water.  


This Sensor is always combined with hosting or a subscription. No more complicated software! We will do all the work for you.

Robust Housings  

A Strong, shock resistant housing that protects the sensor.  

Custom Mounting  

All kinds of custom mounting brackets and accessories. e.g. Free Standing Poles for easy placement or angle brackets.  

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