SNG stands for: Sensor Network Gateway. This device connects to a wireless sensor and imports its data to the IMMOTION-software. 

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Product sheet (Eng) 

Ethernet SNG

The SNG10E uses an ethernet cable and your local network to connect to the cloud.  


3G SNG and 4G SNG

The SNG3G uses the mobile 3G network to send its data. 

The SNG4G uses the mobile 4G network to send its data. 

Automotive SNG  

A SNG that is made to match the automotive standard. With a better power supply and beter compatibility. So you can mount them in vans and other vehicles.



SNG10E TCU Api and SNG10E CSV Api. SNGs with a custom Api. 

SNG mountings  

Custom SNG mountings. 

Solar SNGs and outdoor SNGs

A Solar-powered SNG. 

and SNGs designed for surviving the elements. 

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